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Water Blasting Is The Cleaner Way – according to R&BSH

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Redcliffe & Bayside Herald says that “Water Blasting Is The Cleaner Way”

According to an article in last weeks paper, pressure cleaning is an environmentally-friendly and inexpensive and effective way of cleaning hard surfaces.

The Home Handyman has been offering the residents of Redcliffe and Brisbane Northside pressure cleaning services for over 5 years now. Our customers are constantly surprised by the great results achieved. Whether you are selling your home and want to improve the street appeal or you just want to remove the dirt and grime build up, water blasting is a great option. Typically for less than $500 you can have the entire outside of your home water blasted and get a significantly refreshed look.

Give The Home Handyman a call today to discuss water blasting your home or driveway today.